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In The Begining

On Friday 16th December 1938 a cold and sunny morning at the boatyard of Groves & Guttridge, East Cowes, With sea triails compleated and the final coat of Varnish dried The RNLI Chief Inspector of Lifeboats Mr P. E. VAUX and RNLI Surveyor of Lifeboats Mr S. Bone inspected the new boat and signed off the R.N.L.B. Ann Lettita Russell and accepted her as a Lifeboat for the Royal National Institution giving her the official number 813. On his return to London Mr Vaux registered the R.N.L.B Ann Letita Russell with the Board of Trade as a Lifeboat, registering her to the port of London on 19th December 1938.

The Ann Lettita Russell was due to arrive in Fleetwood before Christmas in 1938 but due to problems encountered during the sea trials with the R.N.L.B. Edmund & Mary Robison ON812 which was built alongside the R.N.L.B. Ann Letita Russell and was ready to undergo sea trials at the same time delayed the sea trials of the R.N.L.B. Ann Lettita Russell, then with Christmas holidays and the bad weather during January 1939.





Fleetwood’s new Lifeboat The RNLB Ann Letitia Russell left the builders yard Groves & Guttridge of Cowes Isle of White on 14th February 1939 bound for Fleetwood with Coxswain Jeffery Wright at the helm also with Motor Mechanic Sydney Hill, Second Coxswain James Leadbetter and Crewmen William Houston on board.

The RNLB Ann Letitia Russell was funded from legacy of late Miss Ann Russell of Manchester in Memory of her Late mother Mrs Ann Letitia Russell, also from the same legacy another Lifeboat was also funded, The RNLB John Russell ON699 at Montrose 1926-1939 named after her late farther.

The naming ceremony of the new Lifeboat at Fleetwood took place on 26 July 1939 she was named by Lady Stanley and blessed by The Bishop of Lancaster The Right Rev. Benjamin Pollard, M.Sc., B.D and assisted by Rev S. G. Stanton, M.A., Vicar of Fleetwood.

Construction of ON813 RNLB Ann Letitia Russell Began in early 1938 at Groves & Guttridge of Cowes Isle Of Wight.

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