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8 June 1955 "Mona's Isle"

The RNLB Ann Letitia Russell made the National papers again in 1955, In the early hours of 8 June 1955 at 02:45 as the Isle of Man steamer “Mona’s Isle” was making her way up the Wyre channel bound for Douglas Isle of Man when she collided with a small fishing boat named “Ludo” with 3 crew members on board, “Ludo” sank almost immediately plunging the crew in to the water. The “Mona’s Isle’s” crew began to search for the 3 missing men in the dark at this time the tide was 2hrs in to the Ebb but then ran aground 100 yards to the west of the Lifeboat house. Coxswain Albert Wright received a telephone call from the Harbour Master at 02:55 requesting assistance from the Lifeboat, Coxswain Wright called the for the rest of the lifeboat crew at 03:00am and the RNLB Ann Letitia Russell was launched at 3.30am under the command of Coxswain Albert Wright with 2nd Coxswain Richard Wright, Motor Mechanic Sydney Hill, 2nd Mechanic C Salthouse & Crew members R Hooper, J Pilling, A Holmes and J Salthouse on board, The Lifeboat arrived at the “Mona’s Isle” at 03:40am and begun to take aboard the 153 passengers of the Mona’s Isle, Coxswain Albert Wright and the Lifeboat and her crew managed to do this in 2 trips.

2 of the crew from the “Ludo” managed to swim ashore and when the Lifeboat had landed the passengers of the Mona’s Isle, then the Lifeboat searched for the Skipper & Owner of the “Ludo” Francis Stewart, the Lifeboat picked him up and retuned him to the Lifeboat house at 05:45am where an ambulance was waiting to take him to Fleetwood hospital, sadly Francis Stewart died late that morning in hospital. RNLB Ann Letitia Russell launched again at 08:00am to stand by the “Mona’s Isle” until she re-floated at 12:30pm.


Mona's Isle Agroung at Fleetwood 8 June 1955

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