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12 January 1969 14ft dingy

12th January 1969, at 6pm Fleetwood Lifeboat Hon Secretary received a phone call from the Coastguard that the Blackpool Inshore Rescue Boat had launched earlier to a 14ft dingy with 4 persons on board had broken down off Blackpool and the Fleetwood Lifeboat was required to tow the dingy back to Fleetwood.

At 18:34 Coxswain Ben Bee assembled the crew ready to launch the Lifeboat,

The Ann Letitia Russell was launched on service at 18:48 with a crew of 7, Coxswain Ben Bee, Noel Bird, M McPherson, Bryan Gerrard, Roy Mitchinson, Norman Pendlebury and Jim Poole onboard in to a choppy sea with a force 4 East South East wind and headed towards the Blackpool Inshore Rescue Boat The Ann Letitia Russell and her crew arrived at the casualty at 20:30 6 Miles North West of Blackpool North Pier. The Dingy was taken under tow by the Ann Letitia Russell at 20:50 and towed back to Fleetwood arriving back at the Boat House at 22:30


In 1963 the RNLI introduced The Inshore Rescue Boat (IRB) to Stations that needed a boat that could work in shallow near shore waters and close to cliffs and caves, Fleetwood received IRB 91 in May 1966. When IRB’s where 1st introduced they where only on station during the summer months except a handful of stations where it was necessary to have them all year round and Blackpool being one of these stations. In the 1980s the RNLI decided that all stations with an IRB now known as a D Class Inshore Lifeboat will have them on station all year round.


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